By default, Appaloosa uses a branded email template when new users are invited to the store.
While you cannot use your own full HTML template yet, you might want to customise the text.

  • Go to your store's settings

  • Click on Notifications 

  • Scroll down the page until you reach the "Invitation email customisation" section

Note that words like “#{}” are dynamic placeholders. They will be replaced appropriately in each email sent. Some placeholders are mandatory in the email so that users may log into your store.

You may use the following placeholders:

#{store.url} The store's URL/custom domain (mandatory)
#{} The invited user's email address (mandatory)
#{user.first_name} The invited user's first name
#{user.last_name} The invited user's last name
#{store_owner.first_name} The store owner's first name
#{store_owner.last_name} The store owner's last name
#{} The store owner's email address
#{} The store's name 

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