By default, you get a web app store when you sign up on Appaloosa but it is also possible for you to generate native app stores on Android and iOS !

Web app store

A web app store opens in the user's phone browser (Safari or Chrome), enabling them to access the apps and downloading them. The user will still have to login to the store with email + password.

✅ Pros with the web app store:

  • No setup

  • Works for all platforms

  • Email notifications for new/updated apps

  • Available on all plans

Native app store

The native app store, on the contrary, is an application for Android and iOS which users install the first time they sign up to Appaloosa.

Depending on the OS used by the visiting user, the appropriate store is downloaded and installed. Once installed, users sign in from the installed app store to access apps.

To sum up, the native store is an app, that allows to access and download other apps! 

✅ Pros with the native app store:

  • Push notifications for new/updated apps

  • Custom icon, name and color palette

  • Device identification

  • Available on all plans

Why should I choose a native store?

As you can see, the native store has more advanced features that a simple web store (push notification, customisation...), but it will require additional installation steps for your user. Depending on your use case, it might be useful.
➡️ We tend to recommend the native store for clients who have many apps and updates and need their users to login regularly to download new versions: the push notifications prove really useful in this case. Being able to customise your store is also a big advantaged according to how important the branding is for your company.


Appaloosa provides the following support in terms of OS :

  • The last 2 major version on iOS

  • On Android, 3 years of support starting once Google makes it available to the developers.

Thus, in June 2022, with the release of Android 12 and iOS 15, our native app stores are compatible starting from :

  • iOS 13+

  • Android 9.0+

How to generate a native app store :

Native app stores can be generated from our web admin in Settings > Native Stores and updates. You first choose a primary and a secondary color (background and text). Then you you choose the OS you would like to generate.

  • For Android, just click on the button Generate Android Store

  • For iOS, you need to upload your Apple certificates before clicking the button Generate iOS Store :
    - a distribution certificate,
    - a mobile provision
    - a push certificate.

If you are not yet familiar with iOS private distribution and certificates check out our article about iOS distribution.

Afterwards, follow our step by step tutorial to generate iOS certificates.

The build is done on Appaloosa's servers and an email notification is sent to store admins once the build is ready.

As soon as the build is ready, users can download the native app.

🎨 How to customise your store:

Check out our article about Store customisation

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