A native app store offers many advantages: it enables you for instance to send push notifications to your users when a new app or version is available!
You can get additional information in our article  web app store vs native app store.

However, on iOS, keep in mind that installation process of the native store is more complex that for your end users than simply login in to the web store.

To sum up:
- you have only one app and few users, or users who aren't very technophile: the web store might be sufficient
- you have many apps that you update regularly, you need to make sure your users install the latests versions. Push notifications prove useful in this case, and you should go for the native store.


The iOS Native Store is available to our customers on all plans, including Starter. It is compatible with the the latest 2 major version on iOS, ie iOS12+.

How to generate your iOS App Store

The native app stores can be generated from our web admin in Settings > Native Stores and updates.

You need to upload your Apple certificates before clicking the build iOS Store button:
- a distribution certificate,
- a mobile provision
- a push certificate.

If you are not yet familiar with iOS private distribution and certificates check out our article about iOS distribution.

Afterwards, follow our step by step tutorial to generate iOS certificates.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our support team!

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