Once our support team has helped you setup Android Enterprise on your Appaloosa store, you can benefit from advanced management features for your apps.

You can now approve public apps for your users.

These apps will be installed in the work profile and will be identified with the red briefcase badge (note that the badge might be blue, depending on manufacturers)

Users can have both a personal version and a professional version of an app on the same device. Each apps will only have access to the data of the profile they are installed in.

To approve apps you have 2 choices:

  • Use Appaloosa: Click on add an application, then choose Android Recommended Apps. You will be asked to paste the link of an application from the Play Store. We will retrieve the name, icon and version of the application and you will be able to make this application available to all your users or only a group of users.

  • Use the Google Play for Work: You can approve applications directly from the Play Store for Work. All the approved applications will be automatically added to your Appaloosa Store but won't be available to anyone. When you have added an application through the Play Store for Work, you can use Appaloosa to change the availability of an application (by editing it on Appaloosa) and make it available to your users. Approved apps on Google Play for Work will be available on Appaloosa within 5 minutes.

Deploy private native Apps

To distribute private apps using Appaloosa and Android Enterprise you will need a Google Play Developer Account and a service account used by Appaloosa to manage your Google Play apps. 

If you have private native apps and you want to distribute them to you users using Android for Work please follow this guide:

  • First, make sure that the application is already on Appaloosa, if not upload this application on Appaloosa first.

  • Then please follow this guide to upload the same application on the Google Play Private channel.

  • As soon as the application is available on the Google Play it will also become available to your users on Appaloosa.

  • You can now use Appaloosa to upload and manage your builds by targeting groups of users.

Only the first version of an app needs to be uploaded on the Play Store directly. All the following builds can be uploaded from Appaloosa by clicking on Publish to Play Store on an application page.

Make an app mandatory

This is a useful feature in case you want your users to always be up-to-date with the latest version of your app!

  • Go to the settings of your app. In "store page", you can choose whether your app should be optional or mandatory.

  • The mandatory apps will get installed automatically on the users' devices.

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