Android Enterprise offers a whole range of app management features.

Benefits for the end user:

Android Enterprise enables a clear and secure separation between private and professional life! A so called "work profile" is created on the user's device, in which your appaloosa store as well as all the apps downloaded from your store will be stored.
During weekends or holidays, the user can deactivate the work profile, in order to no longer receive work notifications. On Monday morning, he turns on the work profile again in one click!

Benefits for you, as an admin:

  • decide which apps should be mandatory 

  • automatically push silent updates

  • remove the work profile and wipe professional apps in case a user looses his phone or leaves the company

Requirements for using Android Enterprise on Appaloosa: 

  • the devices shouldn't be enrolled with another EMM solution, as there can only be one work profile per device

  • be a customer on our Manage Apps and Devices plan

If you'd like to test Android Enterprise, our team will be glad to help you set up a test environment!
We'd like to know a bit more about your usecase beforehand:

  • to whom are you planning to deploy apps? 

  • how many users do you might have?

  • do these users use corporate devices or on personal phones?

These information will help us find the best suited solution for your store. Contact us at or hit the chat button so that we can schedule a call as soon as possible!

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