Before getting started, please note that customisation only applies to native stores, as opposed to the web store.
Learn more about the differences between web store and native store.

🎨 Go the Settings / Customisation section of your store 

  • There, you can change your store name and add an icon that will appear on your users devices. 

  • You can also change the colours of your store.

  • A message will warn you if we detect that the contrasts between the text colour and the background colour is low

  • Once you're done, hit the "Save changes" button in the upper right corner.

⚠️Rebuild your store for changes to apply!

You probably want those changes to apply for your users, right ? Then there's one last thing to do !

  • Go to the "Native stores and updates" section

  • click on the "Build iOS store" or "Build Android Store" button:

  • This will generate a new version of your store and send a push notification to your users. Next time your users open their store, it will update automatically and they will benefit from the customisation. 

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