Using a native store ?
Please note that if you have a native app store, you should follow these steps:
How to install your native iOS store
Not sure? Check out the differences between web store or native store.

Check your emails on your mobile device :

After being invited by an admin to join a private app store, you should have received an invitation email. Click on the link in the invitation email!

Didn't receive an invitation ? Have a look at your spam folder and contact your administrator to ask for a new invitation.

Follow the instructions 

Create a password and follow the steps to login to the store.
Once you're logged in, you see the available apps. Click to install an app... and that's it!


Frequent questions :

How do notifications work on a web store ? Will I have to login again ?

If one of the apps in the store gets updated (or if a new app is available), you'll get an email to inform you: then simply log in to the store again using your email and password to install the latest version of your app!

Having trouble opening custom enterprise apps ?
Custom applications developed by your organisation and available in your private app
store may be a little bit different than apps you can find in the Apple App Store.
Have a look at our tutorial if you can't open an app from your store, and see an "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" message.

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