What is Android Enterprise ?

Before we get started, please note that this flow will only apply if we've set up the Android Enterprise mode on your Appaloosa store!
Android Enterprise is available on the Custom plan and offers you advanced app management features. This occurs by creating a separate professional environnement on the users phone, the so called "work profile".
You can read more about Android Enterprise here 

What flow is my user going to follow to install his store with Android Enterprise ?

  • Alternatively, we've set up a SAML or OAuth authentication: in that case, your user can directly type your dedicated store URL in his chrome browser on his phone, and login using his company credentials.

Either way, your users will firstly be redirected to the Play Store where they download the app "Appaloosa for Work"

Once the app downloaded, you must follow a few steps in order to enroll your device. This video tutorial shows a complete enrolment. For more information, all the steps are detailled below.

Step 1: install Appaloosa for Work in the Play Store

Step 2. Open the newly installed Appaloosa for Work app and follow the onboarding flow 

Step 3 : the work profile is being created on your phone.

The work profile contains your Appaloosa store, and all apps that you install via the store.
NB: if you have "mandatory apps", these will be installed automatically in the work profile, shortly after the store itself.

The separation between personal and professional space is effective on your phone! 

  • You can switch easily between personal and professional mode

  • You may even turn off your work profile during evenings and vacation to avoid getting any work related notifications

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