Deleting users that are no longer part of your company or project is easy! If you want to remove a user :

  • go to the user section 

  • filter your user(s) and hit the delete button

What does is change for you as an admin:

Since you pay a monthly subscription according the the number of users you have on the store, your next bill will be adjusted automatically.

What does it change for the user you deleted :

Please note that a deleted user :

  • can still access apps that they downloaded via the store

  • can't login to the store anymore

How to remove access to work apps before deleting a user ?

If you want to block access to all work apps that a user downloaded, you will need to subscribe to the Advanced App Management options, available for iOS and Android on the Enterprise plan.
Don't hesitate to chat with us or to reach out to sales @ if you'd like to know more about advanced app management and how it may work according to your use case!

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