This guide will help you create a service account needed by Appaloosa to manage your private applications on the Play Store.

⚠️ You should read this article first about migrating from unmanaged to managed Android.

First, you need to login into the Google Play console.

Please use the same email account previously linked to Appaloosa.

Link Google Play Account to a Project on Google Cloud

Now click on Settings, then Developper Account and API Access

Select Create new Project and click on Link Project. (If you already have a project, skip this step and go directly to Create your Service Account).

You should be redirect to this page:

Now click on create new service account

In the modal, click on the link to your Google Cloud Platform

Create your Credentials Service Account

Now you are going to create the service account used by Appaloosa.

Click on Create Service Account Button

Choose a name, and add a description to identify that this service account is used by Appaloosa and click on Create.

Select Service Account User in the Role Field and click on Done.

Now, you should be redirected to the Service Account page, click on the service account you've just created:

You will now, need to create a JSON key for this account.

Click on Add Key then Create new Key.

Select JSON and click on Create. Save the file. You will need to upload it on Appaloosa.

Now, in the search field search for Google Play Custom App Publishing Api

And click on it, then on the next page enable this API.

Now you can go back to your Google Play Console tab.

Click on the Done button and your service account will now appear in the Service Accounts section.

Now, click on the Grant Access button

You will be redirected to the Users and Permissions Menu.

Now, in the Account Permissions tab you need to grant:

  • View app information and download bulk reports (read-only)

  • Create and publish private apps to your organization

  • Choose whether apps are public, or only available to your organization

  • Create, edit, and delete draft apps

  • Release to production, exclude devices, and use Play App Signing

  • Release apps to testing tracks

  • Manage testing tracks and edit tester lists

  • Manage store presence

When these are all selected, press Save Changes.

You now need to retrieve your Play Store Developper Account ID, you can find it in the URL:

Please copy it, as you'll need it to finish your setup on Appaloosa

You can now go back to Appaloosa to upload the service account .json file downloaded earlier in the Step 2 field and fill the Play Store Developer Account ID.

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