Appaloosa allows you to distribute your Apple custom apps using Apple Business Manager without management.

Without management, application will be updated using the device App Store settings. You won't be able to auto update or remove the application remotely.

If you're interested in those features please contact us to learn about our management features.

You will use Apple Business Manager to provision redeem codes for your users and Appaloosa will assign these codes to your user when they request to install an application.

First you need to setup your your ABM Account using this guide: Setup your ABM Account

Then publish your app to your ABM Account using this guide: Publish your iOS Custom App

To finish your setup connect your ABM Account to Appaloosa by using this guide: Connect your ABM Account

Once your application has been approved by Apple, it will be available in the Custom Apps section of your ABM account.

You will now need to "buy" redemption codes on your ABM dashboard to allow Appaloosa to use these redemption codes to distribute your apps to your users.

Go to Custom Apps section and select your application.

Now, to allow Appaloosa to automatically retrieve your app, please buy at least one managed licence to do so:

Select Managed for Licence type, and enter at least 1, and press Get.

Now you need to buy those redemption codes, select Redemption Codes in Licence Type, and enter the quantity of code you need (one code is used per install, so order at least 2 times more than you need)

One the order has been processed, you'll receive an email from Apple.

Go back to your ABM Account to download your redemption codes, you will find them on the application screen in the Custom Apps tab.

Click on Download to retrieve your order.

You can now go back to Appaloosa. Click on the Sync ABM Apps in the top right corner to retrieve your apps.

Next, you need to upload your order on Appaloosa:

  1. Click on your application

  2. Select the Redeem Codes tab

  • Upload your order in the Upload redeem code files field.

  • You will receive your email once your order import is complete.

  • Your application is now ready to be installed by your users.

  • Each time a user wants to install your application, he will be redirected to the App Store to automatically redeem a code and install your application.

Here is a demo of the end user flow:

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