Appaloosa allows you to distribute your Apple custom apps using Apple Business Manager with management.

You will be able to silently install and update your application. You will also be able to remotely remove these apps from your users' devices.

You will use Apple Business Manager to provision licences for your users and Appaloosa will assign those licences to your users when they request to install an application.

First you need to setup your your ABM Account using this guide: Setup your ABM Account

Then publish your app to your ABM Account using this guide: Publish your iOS Custom App

To finish your setup connect your ABM Account to Appaloosa by using this guide: Connect your ABM Account

Once your application has been approved by Apple, it will be available in the Custom Apps section of your ABM account.

You will now need to "buy" licences on your ABM dashboard to allow Appaloosa to use these licences to distribute your apps to your users.

Go to Custom Apps section, select your apps, select Managed for Licence type, and enter a quantity. You should order more than your current users count to have room for new users.

Now press Get to order your licences.

You can now go back to Appaloosa and click on the Sync ABM apps button to retrieve your apps and licences on Appaloosa.

You can now distribute your apps on Appaloosa as you wish by selecting the groups for your app.

Licences will be auto-managed by Appaloosa and you will be receive an alert if you need to buy more.

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