Once you have created your store, you can invite users to join the store.

The basic steps are the following:

  1. An admin adds a user to the store, with the following information: first name, name, email.

  2. The user receives email with an invite :
    - in the case of a web store, te user we'll be directed to the store via the browser of his phone or iPad.
    - in the case of a native store, the user will be guided to install the native Android or iOS store on his phone or iPad.
    NB: This link is valid for 30 days and can be used only once.
    NB: You can customise this email! More info here: email customization

  3. The user configures a password (at least 6 characters) during the first connexion. Afterwards he can access and download the apps of your store.

  4. In the following weeks or months, the user can login to the store again with his email + password and install new apps or versions.

From an admin perspective

Option 1 : add a user manually

  • Browse to Users and select Add User.

  • Enter the user’s email address and contact details. Optionally select the groups he should be part of. By default, all users that you invite to a store join the group of users called “Everybody”.

Option 2 : import users via a CSV file

You may also try a CSV upload if you want to invite many users at the same time.

Option 3 : connecting via your active directory

On the Enterprise plan, we offer the possibility to connect to your active directory via SAML or OAuth. In that case you don't need to invite users!
- Give your employees the URL of your store ; we always set up a dedicated URL when we create a SAML configuration, for instance store.yourcompany.com
- Employees will use the URL and login using their company credentials.

Read more about the authentication methods we support.

What about multiple stores?

If you're on the Enterprise plan, you may create several stores. Imagine you have a user that is already in the Store 1, and you'd now like to invite him to the Store 2: 

  • Login to the admin interface of Store 2.

  • Just follow the usual steps, by adding your user in Users / Add Users.

  • He will receive an email invite to join the store with a link it in.

  • The password he created for Store 1 is valid for Store 2 as well.

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