If you're unable to download an iOS app from your store and on-screen options are "Done" or "Retry", then this issue is likely to be independent from Appaloosa-store.

In fact, it could occur in two cases : either a network issue, or a problem with your iOS certificates.

Network issue

If the progress bar did not reach 2/3 of its length, it is most likely to be related to a network issue. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and try downloading it again.

iOS certificate issue

If the status changed to 'Installing' you might have an issue with your certificates.
Here are a few options to explore:

  • You're using Ad Hoc distribution, and the device is not part of the provisioning profile.
    Check the app detail in Appaloosa-store, and make sure the UDID of the device is in "registered and known devices". Please note that when you add a UDID on Apple's side, you need to download the new MobileProvision profile and rebuild a new version of your application with it.

  • Your application is not properly signed with your certificate.

If you're unfamiliar with Apple distribution and iOS certificates, you can find additional information in our article about iOS distribution.

Still facing issues?

If you're still experiencing issues, don't hesitate to hit the chat button, our iOS team is happy to help. To help us investigate, please provide us information about:

  • the application you are trying to install

  • your device (model, OS version)

  • what exactly happens. If possible, record a video ; here's a tutorial to record an iPhone screen

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