You can deploy several kind of apps on iOS Managed (Supervised) devices:

  • Native apps with In House certificates

  • Custom Apps using ABM

  • Public Apps from the App Store using ABM

  • Public Apps from the App Store without ABM

  • Weblinks

To deploy apps on your devices, you first need to add these apps on Appaloosa.

To do so, you can add apps using the new application button in the application section of the dashboard. Or, alternatively you can sync you ABM applications using the sync button after configuring your ABM account in the settings section.

When you've added your apps, please navigate to devices, then configurations to configure and add your apps to your device configuration.

On the managed tab, you will be able to add your applications in the iOS Apps section:

Add your apps and save your configuration to deploy your apps to your devices.

Please keep in mind that ABM app need available licences in order to be installed on managed devices.

If an App Store app has been added without ABM, an App Store account is required on the device.

Apps are automatically installed on your devices and are kept up to date.

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