On Appaloosa you have two ways of deploying apps, the first one is by targeting users (with the Applications Tab, and by selecting a user group) and the second one by assigning apps to devices using the devices configuration menu.

You can combine these two features on enrolled devices where users will be able to see both the apps accessible through their user account and the apps available to their devices.

This article will explain how to add apps to a device configuration.

First navigate to Devices then Configurations.

Navigate to the Android Managed Configuration, and create a new configuration or edit an already existing one.

Navigate to the application tab and click on edit.

Find the section named Default applications for Android. In this section you can add apps by their package name.

You can add these types of apps:

  • Public apps

  • Private apps available to your organisation

  • Web apps available to your organisation

For each of those apps you can choose the high priority update mode to force the update of an app as soon as a new version is available on the Play Store.

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