Quick reminder - on iOS, after being invited to join your store, your users perform the followings steps:

  • a profile is being installed on the iPhone or iPad

  • after that, they can install the store

  • and last but not least, they access your apps

=> you can have a look at the entire iOS onboarding flow here!

In certain cases, your user may reach out and tell you that he "cannot install the store" and is being asked "enrol again".

Before you contact our support team, here's a few steps to help your users stuck on iOS: 

Is your user reusing a phone that has previously been used by another employee?
If yes, it is normal that he will have to enrol again. We need to be sure that we always have the right device linked with the right user !
Basically, if you connect on a store with another user account, we need to know that you are really on this device from this native store, and that's why the re-enrollement is mandatory.

If your user is still being forced to enroll again, though he hasn't switched user account, please make sure in the Safari settings that :

  • he is not in a private browsing window

  • cookies are not blocked

  • cross site tracking is not prevented

Still facing issues?

Please don't hesitate to reach out, using the chat window, our iOS support team is happy to help.
The following information will help us investigate :

  • the device they're using (iPhone model, iPad, OS version)

  • try to know where exactly the user is stuck and what kind of message they're seing on the screen. Here's what the normal store installation process on iOS looks like.

  • if possible a video ; here's a tutorial to record an iPhone screen 

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