You can now add Appaloosa Android Enterprise Enrollement to your Stage Now configuration to automatically provision your device with Appaloosa.

There are two ways to achieve that.

Using Android Zero Touch

You can leverage Android Zero Touch to automatically assign your devices to Appaloosa during the Stage Now configuration. To learn more about this feature you can use this Zebra documentation.

Zero Touch allows you to configure the EMM directly in the Zero Touch portal available here. When you have assigned your devices to Appaloosa in the Zero Touch portal use the created Stage Now configuration to bypass the Android Setup screens, configure your device and enroll your device with Appaloosa

Using the StageNow Xpert Mode

Create a new profile using the XpertMode and add these steps:

  1. Wifi (or any network you want)

  2. FileMgr (to download Google enrollment app)

  3. AppMgr (to install the previously downloaded app)

  4. Intent (to launch the app with your settings)

Configure these steps:

  1. For wifi setup your network to let the device acquire network connectivity

  2. FileMgr:

  3. AppMgr

    • Install the Device Policy Controller via TechDoc: AppMgr. Select:

      • APK path: /sdcard/AndroidDevicePolicy.apk

      • Use Upgrade instead of Install to avoid issues when the Android Device Policy Controller is already installed.

  4. Intent

    • Set the Device Policy Controller as the Device Owner via TechDoc: Intent. Select:

      • Enroll a Device Owner.

      • Package name:

      • Class name:

      • Add a JSON File: Create your own JSON file with the following content:

        • {
          "": "",
          "": "I5YvS0O5hXY46mb01BlRjq4oJJGs2kuUcHvVkAPEXlg",
          "": "",
          "": {
          "": "YOUR_TOKEN_HERE"
          "": true

You can now complete the staging profile and use it to enroll your Zebra devices.

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