Appaloosa lets you remotely configure several options for your Android devices

PIN Code

You can set a PIN code requirement for either the Work Profile or the full device.

You can set a minimum ping length that will be enforced on the device.

You can also for the Work Profile define he actions to take if a device or work profile is not compliant with the policy specified.

You can also define the number of days the policy is non-compliant before the device or work profile is blocked or wipe.

To block access immediately or to wipe, set to 0.

Default Android Permission

The policy for granting permission requests to apps, there are three options:

  • Prompt the user to grant a permission.

    • This will let the user choose the permissions he wants to allow/deny

  • Automatically grant a permission.

    • This will automatically allow all permissions without asking the user

  • Automatically deny a permission.

    • This will automatically deny all permissions without asking the user

Device Debug

This settings controls access to developer settings: developer options and safe boot.

The user will be able to enable debug mode if this is enabled.

Unknown Sources

This settings controls the policy for untrusted/unknown sources apps enforced on the device.

  • Disabled will prevent users from installing these apps on the entire device

  • Allow in personal profile only will prevent installation in the work profile

  • Allow device wide will allow installation on the entire device

Network Settings

You can configure your wifi settings to let the device auto connect to your network.

For managed devices you can configure two additional settings:

  • Allow temporary network configuration if defined network is not available

    • This will let the user use another network if the configured one is not available. This temporary network will be use to update the device configuration with a new configured wifi network.

  • Do not allow users to configure their Wi-Fi

    • Prevent users from accessing the device wifi settings

Android Applications

This section will let you add applications to your device configuration and control the auto-update mode for the app

  • Default

    • The app is automatically updated with low priority to minimize the impact on the user.

      The app is updated when all of the following constraints are met:

      • The device is not actively used.

      • The device is connected to an unmetered network.

      • The device is charging.

      The device is notified about a new update within 24 hours after it is published by the developer, after which the app is updated the next time the constraints above are met.

  • High Priority

    • The app is updated as soon as possible. No constraints are applied.

      The device is notified immediately about a new update after it becomes available.

    • The application will be closed during an high priority update if it's currently used.

Device OEM Configuration

This setting will let you configure some advanced device settings according to the device manufacturer application.

We currently support these manufacturers:

  • Zebra

  • Samsung

If you are looking for other device manufacturers please contact us.

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